Victim Photos

School Photo of Carmen Colon circa early 1971.

This is one of the last surviving photos of the girl that was ever released to the public. It is, by far, the most well-known and widely circulated photograph of the youngest victim.



The headstone marker of Carmen Colon as it sits in the gentle confines of Rochester’s Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.

In perhaps another strange coincidence, all three girls would eventually be laid to rest in the same cemetery, as if keeping each other company through eternity.




One of the only available public photos of Michelle Maenza.

It too was a school photo taken shortly before her death, probably in the fall of 1972.




The headstone of 11-year-old Michelle Maenza as it sits in Rochester’s Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.




Probably the most widely circulated montage photo of all three victims posing for school pictures.



In this similar depiction of the photo montage above, Wanda’s photo was redone in color because it was believed by some that the image of her shockingly vivid red locks might jar someone’s memory who might have crossed her and her killer’s path during her last tragic hours.



This is the single version of Wanda, used for the photo above, minus the cropping that was necessary to make the montage fit within size parameters.



Wanda’s Headstone at Rochester’s Holy Sepulchre Cemetery



A panned-out photo of Wanda’s larger gravesite at Rochester’s Holy Sepulchre Cemetery