Crime Scene Photos


The street Junko was riding her bicycle down when she was originally attacked,



The warehouse where Junko was taken, raped and beaten for the first time – it was far from the last


The house where Junko was held prisoner for 44 days along with the leader of her attackers’ parents, circa 1990.



A later photo of the house – circa 1994

A more modern picture of the house where Junko was held and ultimately died – circa 2009



Authorities approach the site where they were told they would find a steel barrel full of concrete – and the body of Junko Furuta.


Getting closer to the dump site.



And Closer still



Both black and white and color aerial photos of the dump site where Junko Furuta’s body was dumped in a 55-gallon drum filled with concrete – and a VHS tape.



A drawing also depicting the dump site.



A closer aerial view of authorities working to excavate Junko’s remains from the site and the barrel.


A pile of barrels, of which, Junko’s body rested in one.




No sooner did authorities remove the lid of the barrel, they knew they had nit been lied to about its contents.




They began working feverishly though carefully to liberate the remains from the concrete.


Another aspect picture of the recovery efforts.



Eventually, authorities were able to free Junko Furuta’s remains from the barrel. Finally, the assaults on her body were over, but not completely.



The autopsy photos of the once stunningly beautiful girl, told the tale of 44 days on almost non-stop torture and desicration.


Her once gorgeous features were so distorted, that a burial mask was used to cover the evidence of the atrocities she had suffered during her funeral.




The body of Junko Furuta at her funeral, wearing the death mask fashioned to cover up the abuse she suffered during the final 44 days of her brief life.


A small montage of photos.