Introducing….The Veritas 7 – Unsolved True-Crime Podcast!

Welcome to the most intensely interactive and immersive true-crime podcasting experience ever imagined!


Thank you for deciding to check us out and, hopefully, for taking our new and unique spin on true-crime podcasting for a test drive. If you do, we’re pretty sure you’re going to lose yourself in the completely immersive and interactive aspects of our show, which make us specifically unique – both in the genre and in podcasting as a whole.


So, what exactly is it that makes The Veritas 7 so different from other true-crime podcasts?


First, our team doesn’t just report on the evidence and details of the cases we cover as most podcasts do. Instead, we scour dozens and sometimes hundreds of sources to gather all of the evidence available regarding the cases we decide to cover, and instead of just reading that evidence to you, or ‘at you’ in myriad ways, we post all of that evidence right on our website, for you to be able to peruse at your convenience, even while you’re listening to the show. This allows you to follow along with the evidence in real-time – something that no other podcast does, at least at the time of this writing.


That’s right, from police reports and witness statements to crime scene photos and autopsy/toxicology reports, we only cover cases that have an abundance of case materials that can be posted online for you to pour over and ingest to satisfy your hunger for an all-encompassing, fully interactive, and completely immersive true-crime experience.


But that’s not even the best part.


Because The Veritas 7 Unsolved True Crime Podcast only focuses on unsolved cases, we decided to present those cases to you from a prosecutorial perspective – similar to the way the television show Law and Order presents its cases, rather than as a police procedural as almost all other true-crime podcasts do.


This means that instead of focusing on how law enforcement agencies investigated these cases, which ultimately didn’t lead to any convictions, we will instead present the cases to you through a cold case prosecutorial lens which focuses on who out of the suspect pool is most likely to have committed the crime(s) and we then work to establish enough probable cause to effect an arrest and, hopefully, to obtain a conviction.


Toward that end, another way The Veritas 7 podcast separates itself from the rest of the pack, is that we dedicate the last 30 minutes of every case, to conducting a LIVE round-table discussion and vote between our 7 judges, to ultimately narrow the field to one suspect, and to hand down a verdict of guilt, innocence, or mistrial if we don’t determine there is enough evidence to bring a case against any individual or individuals. And all of that happens with YOU, interacting with our staff LIVE and in real-time, weighing in on how you interpreted the evidence and what you think should be the resulting verdict.


Therefore, in answering the question of what makes The Veritas 7 -Unsolved True-Crime Podcast stand out from other podcasts, the answer is pretty simple. There is no ‘one thing’ that separates us, there are many. All of which conspire to create an enveloping true-crime experience for our audience that is simply unparalleled in today’s mass-market true-crime podcasting genre.


Hopefully, after learning what sets us apart, you will take our outstretched hands and let us guide you into a realm of completely encapsulating true-crime euphoria. Let us facilitate you as you engage your inner sleuths, stimulate your passion for that which is perplexing and dare I say, slightly macabre, and put those hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours of true-crime absorption which we all have to good use, as we endeavor to answer the unanswerable.


The Veritas 7 – Unsolved True Crime Podcast is available wherever you get your podcasts, and we encourage you to join our Facebook discussion group by clicking this link so that you can stay engaged with our hosts and staff as we prepare to launch the most anticipated true-crime podcast ever produced!


In the meantime, please be sure to subscribe to the podcast itself and follow The Veritas 7 on our website, as well as all of our other social media platform accounts on Twitter/X, TikTok, Instagram, and by following our Facebook fan page.


Now that you know what we’re all about, the only question remaining is….do YOU have what it takes to solve unsolvable cases?






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