The Tamarins: Cannibalism for Survival

A film could never capture the complexity and horror of the actual account involving a mother and daughter duo of murderers, claiming a count of thirty victims. Ivanova, the matriarch and leader of this group of rural criminals, and her daughter Olga Tamarin hailed from Estonia, residing near Lake Ladoga. This sinister collective was not …

Kurt Dillon

Kurt is the owner of WOMEN – Wild Orchid Media & Educational Network, Inc., the parent company of The Veritas 7 – True Crime Podcast and The Veracity Report global news agency. He has a deep passion for restoring integrity to journalism in the image of one of his childhood idols, the indefatigable Walter Cronkite. He also enjoys cooking, true crime, investigative journalism, studying and writing about ships of all kinds, mysteries, and the jungle that is today’s American politics.

The West Memphis 3

West Memphis 3 During the summer of 1993 in West Memphis, Arkansas the lives of 3-8 year old boys, Steve Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers were brutally taken from them. They were found in a creek near their homes the following day, hog tied and naked. West Memphis police had no idea how to …

Matt Slonaker

Engineer, Podcast host, on-air personality